NAB Life health is a Primary care and internal medicine clinic in Niceville, Florida.  Dr. Michael Adam Weisbruch is our chief medical officer.  We would like to discuss the importance of getting your age-appropriate annual screening.  Aside from the obvious reasons for the early detection of heart disease or cancer; your annual screening can also yield a path to a much more enjoyable life.  This is how we distinguish ourselves at NAB Life Health in Niceville Florida.  We find that many of our patients are living with symptoms that are impeding their daily life; of which are easily curable.  Our health is like an airplane that takes off in Dallas en route to New York City.  If you were to turn the airplane just a few inches to the right, it would end up south of Washington DC and way off track.  Our goal is not only to detect the onset of chronic illness or prevent it but to provide the path to optimal health.  Dr. Michael Adam Weisbruch would be honored to serve as your primary care physician!

Author: Dusty Hall
Date: 4/2/2020