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      Direct Primary Care in Niceville, FL

      Direct Primary Care

      What is Direct Primary Care?

      Direct Primary Care is a service that we are proud to offer at a low monthly or annual fee to our patients in return for direct access to our clinicians. We are proud members of the Direct Primary Care Coalition. 

      How Much Does Direct Primary Care Cost?

      The only additional cost that the member would incur for medical care would be minimal material cost, lab, imaging, and prescriptions (if necessary); of which we have also negotiated a lower cash price.  We have also found unique ways to mitigate the prescription costs. It is important to clarify that this is not health insurance.

      What Are the Contract Terms for Direct Primary Care?

      Our contract terms are month to month and either party can terminate with 30 days' notice.  We provide our patients with a clearly defined outline of the services included in our DPC model.  If our clinic were to cease to exist, we guarantee payment for the service fee paid in advance. First and last month's fees are due at registration. 

      Please Contact Us or give us a call at (850) 252-4303 to learn more. 

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